Durability, Slate is an exceptionally durable product which is unaffected by normal extremes of temperatures its is fire resistant and naturally waterproof, natural Slate is simply the highest quality roofing material which has stood the test of time and is compatible with all other building materials.

Aesthetically, Slate combines beautifully with traditional and modern materials and provides the designer with a choice of colours and a natural distinctive texture. Slate is an eco friendly product which has a minimum impact on our environment.

Longevity, Slate has hundreds of years of history and has been proven to be the highest quality roofing material in the world. It can come with up to a 100 year warranty.

Cedar Shingles and Shakes

Cedarwood shingles and shakes were originally used in North America and Scandinavia as they are best suited to a cold dry climate. They do however provide an unusual and decorative roof covering and have become popular on housing throughout NZ.

Roof Tiling

Roof tiles come in two forms concrete or clay, single or double lap. Traditionally tiles were all clay but latterly concrete tiles have become an increasingly popular and cheaper alternative. The oldest type of tile is the dished pantile which dates back to Roman times. Originally all the tiles were handmade but the introduction of modern machinery has all but rendered the old methods obsolete.

Many accessories and decorative details can be added to a tiled roof to enhance its appearance. Popular additions are bonnet and arris hips, finials, crested ridge, eyebrow dormers and bullnose or fishtail tiles.

Repair & Maintenance Services

NTS Roofing can provide all our clients with an ongoing maintenance package including both planned surveillance and reactive service. We back this service with promise that both minor and major repairs will be carried out swiftly and economically and with minimum disruption.